I’m on the hunt for four hard plastic baits, the top saltwater lures, to use while kayak fishing in the marsh. Today, I found another top saltwater hard bait, the Matrix Ripshad Rusty Mullet, that has already earned its way into my simple kayak fishing tackle box! How about a little social distancing while kayak fishing with the Matrix Ripshad Rusty Mullet?

As you know, I’ve been looking for some hard baits to round out my very simple kayak fishing tackle box. I like to keep it super simple, so I only have room for a few. The litmus test I use is quite simple, any bait in my box must put fish in the boat. The Matrix Ripshad in the Rusty Mullet color certainly does that. This bait is very similar to a suspension bait, but it has a lip on it. But don’t let that lip fool you, it is still intended for shallow water. Come along for the ride as we test its metal out in the marsh.

Matrix Ripshad Rusty Mullet

~Kayak Fishing Addict


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