The Z-Man Mulletron LT is quite simply an awesome bait. I switched to the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ paddle tails with the Texas Eye articulated Jigheads quite some time ago because Z-Man makes a great product. But little did I know that they would outdo themselves with an even more accurate artificial mullet bait made out of the same award winning elaztech material! I’m sure glad that I wired this one up on this day as the redfish I caught must have thought these were delectable mullets too!

The Backstory

Someone commented on a recent video of mine and asked if I had tried the Z-Man Mulletron bait. I responded no, but I should have said, “no, I haven’t even heard of it!” Well I’m glad that I did my research and picked up a few! Honestly, this could easily become my new favorite bait. It swims perfectly and looks dead on a mullet. The only real issue is that it’s on the heavy side, especially for the light gear I’m using in the video.

The “LT” stands for “line through” which is a marvelous design. As the video shows you feed your line through the bait and then tie it onto the special hook using your favorite snug knot… that’s a uni-knot for me. When the fish bites, and you set the hook, the bait releases up the line which prevents the fish from leveraging the bait to spit the hook! It also saves the bait itself from unnecessary damage. It’s a brilliant design that works as you’ll see in the video.

To put it bluntly, this bait is amazing! If you’re interested in trying one out you can get it here.

It won’t replace my texas eye jig and paddle tail for everything though! It’s simply too heavy for that. It makes a splash when entering the water which could spook the fish in certain circumstances. That said, for the typical search bait scenario it will do very nicely! Especially since it casts like a dream with that extra weight.

Enjoy the video!

~Kayak Fishing Addict


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