What’s the BEST Artificial Shrimp?

Today I’m trying out a new shrimp lure that may be the best artificial shrimp lure to use, even on a tough day of fishing! It’s quick, easy, and unfair to use. It’s a hard plastic shrimp that is made by the Unfair Lures company and it’s called the Unfair Shrimp. I’m throwing the shrimp 85 (3.3 inches) fast suspending version, and I’ve got to say, not only is it an interesting bait that you can work at various water levels, including as a top water lure; but it actually works! But don’t trust me, check out this video for the action.

It is designed with the swivel tie at the tail and comes with built in rattles! It is a Rattlin’ shrimp, or maybe I should say it’s a Rattling shrimp. When you retrieve it, it moves in the natural way that a shrimp would flee a predator; tail first!

~Kayak Fishing Addict

P.S. You can also purchase directly from Unfair Lures.


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