aka Dirty Water Fishing Tips!

In this episode I go through four tips that help me put fish in the boat when I’m fishing in dirty water.  Oh, and you’ll go along with me on the journey to land one in the mud!

Here are the four tips I discuss….but trust me, you’ll enjoy seeing how they work in the video!

Water Level

Tip #1 is to fish when the water is low.  I love to fish when it’s higher, but when it’s dirty you want the water to be low.  That gives them less water to hide in and you less water to search.  Ultimately, that improves your chances of landing one in the boat!

Bait Choice

Tip #2 is to realize that it takes more than sight to attract the fish to your lure when the water is dirty!  It’s much like when we get up at night and walk around the house without turning on the lights!  It doesn’t matter what color the wall is or your furniture, you still hit it.  Why?  Because when the visibility is zero, color doesn’t matter.  You’ve got to do more than engage their site to put a fish in the boat!

Engage the Senses

Fish have a lateral line that helps them sense movement and vibrations in the water, scent is also a big attractor.  So add scents to your lures, use rattles, and twitch your lures more when the water is dark.  That should be the key to ringing the dinner bell….for the fish that is!

Know Where to Look

Fish play hide and seek from their target bait.  In other words, they hide and try to get a running start at the bait.  So the key to fishing dirty water is to find the locations where they hang out, the structure where they have the advantage against the bait, and invest all of your casts in that location.

I hope these tips help you land more fish in dirty water!

Video Teaser

Today I’m sharing a few dirty water fishing tips that will help you catch more fish. Each year rain runoff and weather in general stir up the sediment in our marsh and the visibility and water clarity drops to zero. The fish still have to eat in muddy water, and you can be successful at catching them if you switch things up. So, how should you fish dirty water? These simple dirty water fishing tips help me land more fish during this time of year.

I hope they work for you too! Here’s how to fish dirty water.

Let’s go see what we can catch.

~Kayak Fishing Addict


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