Ever gone fishing with wild dolphin and an osprey? When people ask me why I kayak fish, well, it’s days like today that illustrate the answer. Today, I was almost out-fished by two wild dolphin and an osprey! Who knew that fishing could be so inspirational? Honestly, this is one of those bucket list items that you simply can’t think of prior to experiencing it. But when it happens, and you’re right there to experience it, well, to quote a famous fish commercial, “it’s so spiritual”! Want to see? Enjoy the video. It’s calling you!


The video starts off at the beach in Ormond Beach, Florida. This beach is popular for ocean fishing and you see some folks staked out with poles in the drone shot. Just west of there, as the view of the drone opens up, is the Ormond Beach marsh. The blue drawbridge is called Highbridge and the launch location is Highbridge park. As you continue further west you’ll see the fishing grounds, although you can catch fish all over this marsh.

Kayak fishing is the combination of two outdoor sports; kayaking and fishing. It’s a beautiful combination because the elements of nature are all around you as you fish. As you can see in the video, the two dolphin are actually fishing. They kick up the marsh bottom and scare up any fish that might be hiding. When they do, they overpower them, easily catch up to their prey, and, well, they eat. Interestingly, they work together in pairs often to do this. One circles as the other hunts. They’re not the only ones gorging themselves on the fish in this marsh.

That’s an osprey you see in that tree. He’s caught his dinner, an unfortunate mullet. It takes only one talon on an osprey to pin the mullet, and the tree provides additional leverage as well as a safe dinner table. The other birds don’t dare come close! In fact, did you see that little dance the Osprey did…that was to tell me that I was too close! The mullet is powerless to get away as osprey have feet designed with a joint they can use to make a talon or two oppose the other talons. This allows them to surround their prey from both sides and pin those sides together as their claws pierce through the flesh and the scales of their prey. It’s an interesting design!

I just happened to be there to capture this exciting footage. Don’t forget to subscribe below and on YouTube! It’s very much appreciated!

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Tight lines everyone! Enjoy the video! And by all means, “Fish On!”

~Kayak Fishing Addict


My name is Ron. I’m “Kayak Fishing Addict” on YouTube! I was bit by the kayak fishing bug and I’ve been addicted ever since. This is my blog where I discuss everything about my kayak fishing adventures, including the backstory. I’ll share what fishing lures I use, the types of fish I catch like redfish, speckled trout, and flounder, how I film, and what I encountered in the marsh. You’ll get all of my kayak fishing catches, tips, and tricks that you can use to put more fish in the boat!

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